My Fat Bottoms

My inspiration...Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

Below is a list of my Fat Bottoms, a Micro-Flock of various breeds, some Heritage breeds. I orginally wanted to start with a group fo Guinea Fowl Keets for pest control on our property and in the process of finding keets was lured into the "Chick Room" at a local Feed/General Store and once I saw the cute little chicks I was hooked, so in April 2010 I came home with 6 Ameraucana Pullets and 1 Ameraucana Rooster. Doing Chicken Math what started as 7 has turned to....

Ameraucanas Hens-5
White Silkie Bantam Hen-1
Black Silkie Bantams Hen-1
Black Silkie Rooster-1
Blue Laced Wyandottes Hens-1
Danish Brown Leghorn Hen-1
Dominique Hen-1
Golden Laced Wyandottes Hens-3
Pearl Guinea Fowl-4
Silver Laced Wyandottes Hens-3
Silver Spangle Spitzhauben Hens-1

A order was placed from Ideal Poultry, more 25 chicks to arrive January 27,2011.