Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My day at Pure Luck Farm and Dairy

In order to do this post justice, I must start at the beginning...

A few weeks ago I decided that the 7 roosters that I had in my micro-flock had to go. It was not my intention at all to have so many extra roosters, but it seems sexing chicks is not 100% accurate. What was I going to do with the 6 extra roosters, I decided to keep the Silkie Bantam Rooster, he sounds like a toy when he crows and is just too cute.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our FIRST Egg!

Wanted to do a quick post that the Fat Bottoms have become successful and we have so graciously received our FIRST egg.  Not sure which pullet is now an official "Hen"; but we are all excited to have such a wonderful gift.  We keep looking for more like a treasure hunt.  Cameron wanted to put it under a light to hatch, unfortunately I told him that even though we do have roosters, it would be a futile attempt and too look forward to next spring when we will add clan of Fat Bottoms.

Until next long, love much and be natural,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dreams in the making...

I have a dream to visit all the National Parks and Historical Places in North America before I am too old to move.  How will myself and hubby accomplish this task?  By hitting the road in a fifth wheel trailer, but not just any fifth wheel; a 38 foot Cameo by Carriage.  I should step back and explain how all this came to be...

For my new followers, my hubby wanted to get a 37 foot sailboat and sail all over the world, not necessarily circumnavigate the globe but hit all the secluded coves in Caribbean, East Coast, Bahamas, etc.  Which at first was a grand idea and I researched books, websites, and magazines.  But I could never get past a fear that I have been harboring for 20 plus years.  The fear of drowning.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Correction needed for previous post. Oops!

Princess Avery
Okay, so a few posts ago I introduced Princess Avery to everyone and well I made huge error in my skills of determining between a rooster and a hen.  When I purchased the 7 chicks, I picked 6 pullets and 1 rooster (rooster had been painted with red dot on his head).  Once they started to get new feathers, they all started to look the same and I thought the rooster was another chick that had similar coloring and I was wrong.

This morning, hubby and I needed to plant a Clumping Bamboo plant that I purchased at the San Marcos Farmers Market last week. I picked the spot between the coop and the neighbors house and as we were digging, I heard some attempts of crowing.  I got so excited, because it was the first crowing I had heard, but when I looked, it was Avery doing the crowing.  So it looks like Princess Avery is Prince Avery.  Worked out good, because Cameron didn't want to eat her eggs anyways, problem solved.

Until next time...


Saturday, July 3, 2010

What would John Wayne say?

I am not sure if it because it is Forth of July weekend or because AMC has been showing John Wayne movies since Thursday, but my thoughts have wandered to just what John Wayne would think of all the devastation and challenges that we as Americans face in this Century.  Does it really take over 75 days to stop an oil spill or has one mans idealistic views been put before the  welfare of others.   We may not be the oldest Civilization, but we do have the longest run of legislation; The Constitution for the United States.