Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dreams in the making...

I have a dream to visit all the National Parks and Historical Places in North America before I am too old to move.  How will myself and hubby accomplish this task?  By hitting the road in a fifth wheel trailer, but not just any fifth wheel; a 38 foot Cameo by Carriage.  I should step back and explain how all this came to be...

For my new followers, my hubby wanted to get a 37 foot sailboat and sail all over the world, not necessarily circumnavigate the globe but hit all the secluded coves in Caribbean, East Coast, Bahamas, etc.  Which at first was a grand idea and I researched books, websites, and magazines.  But I could never get past a fear that I have been harboring for 20 plus years.  The fear of drowning.

My mom spent an enormous amount of money when I was between 8-10 years of age on private swimming lessons and I would say that I was an excellent swimmer until my biological mother decided to take me along with some friends to the lake.  It was good day until her friends kids thought it would be fun to hold me under the water, I was the youngest so I was an easy target.  Well, they scared the living bejeasus out of me and it took two summers for me to even wade in the water. As I got older the fear subsided and I eventually  was able to enjoy myself in water sports again after my near-drowning. 

Just my luck I married a guy that grew up sailing on the Texas Gulf Coast and it wasn't too long before he wanted to get a Catamaran and teach our boys to sail, which proceeded to scare the living daylights out of me when it would heel over with one pontoon out of the water.  Has with all boat people one is not enough, we eventually bought and sold boats until Pilgrim, a 27 foot Catalina that is slipped in Palacios, TX.  I like sailing but I love land more.  Twelve years of sailing and I still can not relax on the water.  So we have switched dreams from water to land and I can't wait to hit the road. 

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  1. <-Julie. From one yacht to another. The only real con I can think of is that there's a lot more people when traveling on land, even remote areas. Anything else is pretty much an even exchange. You can stay in your home town and see exotic people and strange things. But I can't think of any of God's most beautiful creations on Earth that aren't attached to land. Do we get to tie cans to the back of the trailer at your going away party?


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