Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Correction needed for previous post. Oops!

Princess Avery
Okay, so a few posts ago I introduced Princess Avery to everyone and well I made huge error in my skills of determining between a rooster and a hen.  When I purchased the 7 chicks, I picked 6 pullets and 1 rooster (rooster had been painted with red dot on his head).  Once they started to get new feathers, they all started to look the same and I thought the rooster was another chick that had similar coloring and I was wrong.

This morning, hubby and I needed to plant a Clumping Bamboo plant that I purchased at the San Marcos Farmers Market last week. I picked the spot between the coop and the neighbors house and as we were digging, I heard some attempts of crowing.  I got so excited, because it was the first crowing I had heard, but when I looked, it was Avery doing the crowing.  So it looks like Princess Avery is Prince Avery.  Worked out good, because Cameron didn't want to eat her eggs anyways, problem solved.

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  1. And Cameron is your son?...Or daughter?

  2. Too funny! Today I decided my "Reba" is now "Shotgun Red" or "Red" for short. Turns out she is a he. I have kept track of our rooster (he arrived with a blue dot and is unique-looking enough I can tell him apart). But apparently... our extra/bonus chick was also a roo. Oh well... I love them all and hopefully two roosters for 15 hens will be an ok ratio ;) Aren't their first attempts at crowing funny? Love it!! -Tammy


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