Backyard Chickens   Established in 1999, BackyardChickens has become the #1 destination for the information you need to raise, keep, and appreciate chickens. Originally designed for the those wanting to raise urban chickens, we're here to help and support chickens in any backyard!

Rodale News   Rodale was founded on the belief that organic gardening is the key to better health both for us and for the planet, and never has this message been more urgent.

EMealz     Easy and Delicious Dinner Plans E-mealz will simplify your life, save time & money!  Makeover your mealtime & make time for family!

The Modern Homestead   This site is dedicated to the skills and philosophy for more self-reliant living. Whether you have access to fifty acres or only a patio pot, you have the opportunity to produce more of your own food for yourself and your family, to enter more fully into the yearly cycle, and to know your place in the web of life.

Fias Co Farm   Fias Co Farm is your one stop resource for: Goat Care, Information, Health & Husbandry, Cheese Making & Home Dairying Information, Natural/Alternative Care for Animals, Pets & People.