Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our FIRST Egg!

Wanted to do a quick post that the Fat Bottoms have become successful and we have so graciously received our FIRST egg.  Not sure which pullet is now an official "Hen"; but we are all excited to have such a wonderful gift.  We keep looking for more like a treasure hunt.  Cameron wanted to put it under a light to hatch, unfortunately I told him that even though we do have roosters, it would be a futile attempt and too look forward to next spring when we will add clan of Fat Bottoms.

Until next long, love much and be natural,

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  1. Cool!! I am counting the days. Actually I've lost count... the time has passed so quickly. But I know we're several weeks away from those first leetle eggs :) Congratulations!! That is a BIG event!! -Tammy


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