Sunday, January 10, 2010

MIA in Blogging

Recently a friend of mine ( reminded me that I hadn't "blogged" in a while, she said, "you have a lot of great stories" and it got me thinking, which my hubby says is a dangerous thing, but I digress. 

Being the "Electronic Junky" that I am, I realized she was right.  My other blog ( was started to share stories of my family sailing our sailboat in Matagorda Bay along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Unfortunately it soon became non-sailing weather and Labor Day was the last weekend we were able to go for any length of time and with the current freezing Texas weather (global warming, my butt!) we won't be going anytime soon.

So on with blogging on "Little Blushes" which I have done quite often, but I work real hard to have them less frequently.  So "Thank you!" Julie for giving the little push needed to blog again.

Boy...I hope I don't let my 2 followers down...the pressure....



  1. Excellent! You're going to be good at this.

  2. Ohhh.... you had to be the first to comment on her blog. You have to be the first at everything;) Good job, my friend:)

  3. :P I am NOT first at everything, mistress of knitting. Or gardening, or crafting, or sooo many other things. But glad to get under your skin.


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