Monday, January 11, 2010

Treasures in Boxes

Reading another friends blog ( sparked an ambition to get my household a little more organized.  If you come to my house you may find little clusters of confusion, piles of papers, old mail and items needing to go to their specific spot, but have yet to actually make it there. You may look and think what chaos, but rest assured these little clusters are to me Organized Chaos and if someone asked me for something specific, I know where it is and how far down the pile you can find it. Which brings me to admit a weakness I have and because of this move brought it into the light.

Boxes...I adore boxes.  Doesn't matter the size, shape or material I truly admire the difference each box that I have saved for one reason or another. When a box arrives at the door, I don't see just a cardboard box that needs to be cut down and tossed into our exausted landfills.  I see a storage possibility, one that can help organize the household, a container that will ship an item sold on eBay or craigslist to its new owner.  To me a box is possiblities, a vessel for treasures and a keeper of memories.

Some mothers have Baby Books, I on the other hand have Baby Boxes (see below). Shoe boxes filled with memories of both my boys. As other mothers were writting down milestones accomplished onto linen colored paper, I was filling up what ever box I had chosen with slips of paper, deflated mylar balloons, envelopes with clips of hair, lost teeth, remnants of baby blanket and precious school projects completed for a special day. 

A few years ago, my parents sold their house (which was my childhood home) and bought a motorhome to travel with in their retirement. When all was said and done, I was given household items, furniture, and my Baby Book.  I was also given a box (see below) with photos, slips of paper, envelopes and precious school projects done for a special holiday.

Boxes... hold items to be donated, to move things from one house to another and arrive at the doorstep with a new purchase. Boxes...are containers with photos, beanie babies, shells from the beach, and jewelry passed down for 3 generations. Boxes hold all my treasures. Boxes are a vessel in my life.


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  1. Right on! The pictures are great. I love this post. Very meaningful and "unguarded." Who's Leni? :P


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