Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fat Bottom Farm in the Making...Day 1 on my last post I described my latest adventure; Micro-flock of chickens/guineas for our mini-farm called Fat Bottom Farm. The chicks are all under 2 weeks of age and they will need a coop for security at night and a place to lay the eggs when they reach around 5-6 months of age. So off to Lowe's we go to get materials needed to get started.  We had horses in the past so we have a huge paddock already fenced and a 3-sided pole barn that we have sectioned offed 1/4 of the rectangle to make an approximately a 10x12 coop, with a human door, chicken door, screened windows, external nest boxes, roost, and hanging water/feed containers. It is a big project and I am trying to be cost conscience and recycle as much as possible.
Here is hubby surveying the project.
 Okay we may be ready to get to started.

What was accomplished on Day 1. A total of 3 cuss words..

Another view...

The older chicks had a short field trip to the yard...

They are like statues....

The conversation goes, "Is it safe to move?"

Until next time....

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  1. First picture "I'm a little teapot..." He does his best thinking like that. Nice spot. It'll get done or you're going to have a house full of big chickens. Awesome blog. Do you have Chickens for Dummies book?


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