Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coop Close E' Nuff: Day 2

Another day of working on Coop Close E'Nuff Day 2.  Why Coop Close E' Nuff? Because the 3 pole barn that was built over 3 years ago has settled a little and all the nice right angles and measurements have gone south.  So today we got the supplies to make a screen window. 
I chose Vinyle Covered Hardware Cloth to keep predators out but allow ventilation when weather is nice.  We will have to install a hinged cover before winter.
See finished window below.

We also put up another 4x8 board on another side. 

We still have another screened window to make, install people door, chicken door, install  4x8  boards on 2 full sides, roof and finish the sides that are started then the exterior will be complete.  The one challenge has been that we have a Chevy Trail Blazer and the 4x8 boards fit but stick out the back so we can't close the hatch and they are the most expensive supply so far. The white you see is primer. Oh geez... I will have to choose a color theme. Oh my head hurts.

If you haven't noticed, our barn is very close to our next door neighbor.  That house was put about 12 feet from our property line before our house was there. Why they didn't center the house better on their lot is beyond me, so our barn is about 5 feet inside our property line.  They came out today to see what we were doing and when we told them it was storage and chicken coop. The guy says, " I hope they don't make any noise." I quickly fired back with, "No more then you firing up that Harley at the crack of dawn!", he walked back to the house, then his wife came over and proceeded to ask about what breeds and such.  When I got to Guineas her face twisted. I made sure to let her know that they will control our pest problem and alert us to snakes. But she also walked away.  The really can't say anything, they have over 100 rabbits in their backyard and once I have eggs and fresh veggies, it won't be an issue.

Until next time.....

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  1. Making friends! Love the Harley comment. You're snarky.


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