Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on events happening at Fat Bottom Farm

Both hubby and I had to work so no new work done on the chicken coop, but the chicks are growing up nicely.  Switched them to an USDA Organic feed from Coyote Creek Farms. It looks very yummy if I were a chick, I mixed in some with their current feed and they were searching for the new feed, must be a good sign.

I had a little accident when I was leaving work, rolled my right foot in a direction that is not normal.
 Still trying to figure out how I drove home with my foot the size of a 5lb watermelon.  I have to wear this walking cast until my appointment on Tuesday with a specialist.  The family doctor couldn't be100% positive that it is broken, but looks very suspicous.
All I know is it hurt like the dickons, my foot is swollen and turning 3 shades of purple.   My poor Kokopelli tattoo looks like Jaba the Hut smoking a peace pipe.

There she goes with the one-eyed thing again.

Interesting sleep positions those guineas make, life is good.

A peach-tree we planted. I hope it lives, I am great with animals but plants not so much.

Here is The Bug with his favorite chick. He walks around the house with her perched on his shoulder. Everyone say it with me, "AWWWWWWW!"

Until next time.....

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  1. Nice tree! If you have deer you might want to hang some Irish Spring soap on it or a cage till it grows taller.


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