Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sly Fox, Peanut Butter and Heirloom Lace

What does Sly Fox, Peanut Butter and Heirloom Lace have to do with each other?  Guesses anyone, anyone? Well they are the paint colors for Fat Bottom Cottage, the chicken coops of all coops. And they were chosen by the names only. What???? 
As I write this post, the 1st coat of Sly Fox is drying on the Vintage Screen Door that will be my way in and out of the coop and of coarse it will be coordinated with Fat Bottoms Pop Door once installed.

The Fat Bottoms have been outside in their semi-finished coop for a week now, they are enjoying it tremendously; spreading their wings and growing big fuzzy butts. It was a good move, because the next shipment of chicks arrived on Thursday and I needed their brooder for the new arrivals.
Colombian Wyandotte Bantam
Silver Lace Wyandotte
Rhode Island Red (Packing Peanut)

Back to the paint colors; I went into Home Depot with the intention of choosing colors on my own, no design help needed, even though I sometimes have a hard time matching my own clothes (save that for another post).  So there I am in my oh, so stylish wheelchair with my purple casted foot in the air looking at hundreds of color samples. I knew I wanted a red door, but not blood red, more on the lines of an old red barn with a little bit of Elizabeth Arden, vintage with a touch of class. I pulled some samples that caught my eye and made my pick, how appropriate is Sly Fox, just one predator of the chicken (excuse my sick sense of humor). Okay, so one color down, now for the main exterior, it needs to blend with the landscape, but  too dark to keep it cool in hot Texas summers. Side note: I predict 100 days of over 100* Temperatures for 2010. Pulled three tannish samples and picked Peanut Butter, one ingredient in my favorite candy bar Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Try them frozen, nummy! Two down, now for the interior color, something bright and cheery so the girls will want to spend time laying wonderful eggs for my family and friends. BIG FAT NO! to White, we must have some excitement, so again picked 3 colors and picked out Heirloom Lace, perfect...I love anything vintage and antique.

The above is how I picked my coop colors, on my own, with no design help and all by the names. Do you have a vision of what the colors are? Come back for photos of the finished project in a future date...

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  1. I like the new look. Your writing style is shaping up to something more natural and inviting. It's you.


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