Monday, June 7, 2010

Photos of an afternoon...

It was a tad bit cooler this afternoon, all though I think it was less humid so I went out to check on the chicks.  We have been letting them out in the morning and checking on them frequently to make sure all is well.  So far they all make back into the coop way before dark.  They were on the side of the barn that has a lot of new growth were we have been clearing trees. The grass ranges from 6-10 inches, just tall enough to keep good cover for them and it was shady.

See any chicks, there 6 in the grass.
I thought what a good opportunity to takes some pictures, so I grabbed a chair and set-up shop.  As I was snapping away, thinking to myself, "why can't I make a living taking pictures of chickens?"  That would be so awesome, capturing these creatures in their natural state, doing their simple chore of scratching, eating and when ready lay eggs. 

Life gets complicated, sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down, want less and make life simple.  Yesterday for example, I was wound up tight, could have play music on my nerves, didn't want to be around anyone, the slightest thing set me off. The main reason is having my foot in a cast.  It has been incredibly hard for me to relay on other people to do the simplest things like take a bath or drive to the store.  If I had the proper tool, I would have taken the cast off myself yesterday, I was that ready. But today, watching those chicks mill around reminded me of what is important, God, Family, and Friends. 

Now for some photos of our Coop and the Fat Bottoms.

Avery, Cameron's favorite Chick

My Sly Fox Red Door.

The Roost
Ameraucana Pullet

Duke or Duchess? But always the same look.
Dominique Pullet
It is a stand-off between the Brahma and the Polish Crested.
Our adopted chicken.
It was very relaxing to watch them.  Pictures only capture the moment, but I hope you can imagine the joy they give me in real life.

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  1. I love your sly fox red door! I want one! :) And I enjoyed seeing your chickens. They look so happy and healthy. Hope to turn my 3 week olds out into the chicken tractor, aka portable run this week. I'm sooooo scared! But hopefully everything will be secure against predators. We've tried to make it tight. My heart would break if I lost even one of my babies :( -Tammy


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