Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Cast is off and other tidbits...

I am throughly happy that my cast is off, after 4 weeks of complete torture.  But I guess I was being a little optimistic when I thought 2 weeks of physical therapy and then I can go back to work.  But NOOOOOOOO my wonderful doctor had to go and massage my foot where the break is and I jumped out of the chair like my rump was on fire, then he puts me back in this walking cast and says another 3 weeks in this; I went from excitement to gloom and doom in less then a second.  The only thing that made it a tad bit better was seeing my hubby getting his in-grown toe nail taken care of....

I know my horns start to show, but it does me good to see my hubby be a big baby when it comes to getting a shot in his toe to numb it up.  I mean...come on... I gave birth for pete's sake and he is tearing up over a little shot.  So life is okay after all, until I realize I have to use crutches to walk. Boo! 

See my future post on our newest additions to Fat Bottom Farm;  Magellen and Midnight..Keepers of the Fat Bottoms.

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  1. you're both hobbling around. Glad you posted. Can't wait to see pics of Magellan and Midnight!

  2. So nice to meet you, Lanora and thank you for coming over to my blog. I love that I get to live on a farm. I would never want to have to live in the city. I like lots of room and to be able to walk out in my garden in my nightie! It is peaceful and most of the time we don't have much traffic. Right now harvest has started and we ourselves will start tomorrow cutting wheat. Cam't wait. Love your little Guinness. My momma hatched 5 last year. Was so precious to see them running around the farm. Well, I will be a visiting you again!
    Blessings, Linda


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