Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing Princess Avery..

Avery, the Chicken Princess.
Her Royal Highness on her Throne
My youngest son has decided to bring in his favorite hen, Avery into the house so she can be a princess.  He has always had a tender touch with animals and like all the other pets, they are drawn to him like a magnet, just like when I was his age.  All strays ended up at my house even when the parents weren't too pleased. He may be a mini-me version of his daddy but his love for animals is all me.   

It is too cute to watch him tend to her every need, making sure she has water, a plate of organic feed and cleaning up her messing she so lovingly leaves. She is content sitting on his chest has he lounges watching his favorite shows on TV.  She makes little beeps, chirps and whistles while snuggling under his chin.  It must be "chicken love"!  Maybe I should look into making some chicken diapers for her.  I can't believe I just entertained that thought. I wonder what he is going to do when she lays an egg.  I can just see it now, we will have to save it because it came from Princess Avery.  Until next time...
Watching Cartoon Network.

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  1. LOL! I'm sure all his macho manly friends will love that you wrote that. I think it's sweet. You should make her a little crown and matching diaper. heehee

  2. LOL! That is just too cute... your son and Princess A are adorable. There ARE chicken diaper patterns out there somewhere in internet-land. I swear I saw them.. hmmm... *why* was I looking? ;) -Tammy


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