Friday, June 25, 2010

Chaos got me some Chicken Bling!

This past week has been a whirl wind. First had to spend some time in New Braunsfels with in-laws due to the whole clan coming in from two different states for a total of 18-20 people being in one house at the same time. Chaos is an understatement, schedules and planning will not be held too, decisions will be put off until the last possible minute.  It boggles my mind that 6 grown adults can not come to some kind of decision.  The insanity can not be put in words, but I will try.

Just picture everyone, sitting around the dining room table, scratching their heads and looking at each other, and saying, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" over and over again.  And then there is me, the black sheep, who can not join in the fun, because it was all water activities and heaven forbid that they even try to include me due to having my foot in a walking boot.  There I sit, looking at my husband cross-eyed, pulling my hair out strand by strand because of the maddness that surrounds me.  You dragged me away from my chickens, my peaceful abode, the goats, even Rio is calmer than this craziness! It made me want to start drinking, not just a glass of wine with dinner, no I wanted to down some hard stuff.  He looks at me, with this WHAT? look and I told him that he will owe me, big time.

Now, New Braunsfels has my all time favorite General/Feed Store and I always have to stop in, even if I don't need anything because I like the ambiance. They not only have feed/supplies for all critters, but also they have books, magazines, wind chimes, bird feeders, flags and western type purses with rhinestones and silver conchos.  I just love this place!  So there was a free moment and I told DH that he needs to take me on a drive, before I explode to my favorite store and there I will collect on the debt for the torture.  

I got a few books to read, the new Hobby Farms Home magazine and the coolest denim backpack purse with Bling! It is too cute, the pockets have black-silver sparklers, the clasp have rhinestones glued on and the best part is the front part of jeans is actually the back of purse, with the zipper fly.  In the end this made up for the CHAOS.

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